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Oahu Wedding Photographers

Kristen Hook Hook Photo Oahu Weddings

 I got started doing photography by studying Film in college at Brooks Institute of Photography while majoring in Film with an Emphasis in Commercial Advertising.  I started exploring with different film cameras while in school and then realized that I loved photography more than I did film.  Already 1.5 years into my 3 year film program I decided not to switch and keep on going in the film route.  While in Film School I got an internship with Quiksilver/Roxy in HB, CA in the photo department and drove up and down the California coast once a week for  one year.  Eventually after graduating with a BA in film, I started to PA on commericals and TV shows in LA while also pursuing my passion in photography.  Eventually I ended up getting a freelance job with Quiksilvershooting product photography and soon after hired on as a Assistant Photographer for Quiksilver shooting Marketing Campaigns, PR, product photography, look-books, etc.  Now I am back in Hawaii doing what I love =)

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